Zombie Makeup for Halloween: Step by Step Guide

Zombie Makeup for Halloween: Step by Step Guide

For this Halloween lets try something easy like zombie makeup. It is easy to apply and you don’t have worry about perfection because zombies are totally messy. For this zombie look you need less makeup and it will also take your minimum time.

So lets go for this amazing look…

Things You need:

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Loose powder
  • Concealer
  • Eye shadow palette
  • Eye shadow brushes
  • Contour
  • Burgundy shade eyeliner

Zombie Makeup for Halloween

For the first step prep your skin for makeup with basic step:

  1. Apply primer as base for your makeup and to protect your skin.
  2. Then Apply foundation. Make your that it is same as your skin tone so it can be bland in easily and will give you natural skin tone.
  3. Then use loose powder to set your makeup.

It’s time for the makeup:

First take shade big white lie from your palette and apply it around your eyes with round brush to make them look very sunken and dead. You don’t need to dark color because it have to look more real.

Now for the contour you need grayish brown shade because it will look like little bit more dead the regular brown. Apply it to your cheekbone hollow, on your nose, little bit on your forehead.

Zombie Makeup for Halloween

Now take burgundy shade eyeliner to create cuts around your face because if you have been dead for a while you may be losing some of your skin. You can add it randomly on your face like on cheeks, forehead, on mouth. You can use picture of it to create it. You can put them wherever you because it doesn’t have to look perfect.

Now take purple, green and brown shade from your palette and bruise up the areas that you have cut because it will look cool. Start with the purple shade and use medium fluffy brush to make it look big bruise. Apply it on your forehead to get that dead skin look. Then do same thing with brown and green and then blend everything to make it more natural.

Now use concealer on your lips like lipstick to get that dead lips. Now take liquid lipstick in bright red color or velvet shade and apply to the inner part of your lips. And apply little bit of darker burgundy eye shadow on you lips. Then make little drop to your lips corner like blood with that lipstick. Then use concealer on your edges to make it look more roughen.

Zombie Makeup for Halloween

Then mess you your eyebrows because you are not going to come from the grave with perfect eyebrows. Then again use that eyeliner to make nose bleed. And then make your eye more dark with darker color and apply it to center, outer corner and lower lash line.

At the end mess up your hair because you don’t need anything perfect. Your look should be more messy to look like dead zombie.

To conclude:

Here the easiest makeup for this Halloween. you can do it very quickly and easily because you doesn’t have to focus on small details. If you have decided to attend Halloween party last minute and you not prepare then this is the best option for you.

Go ahead and try it…

Zombie Makeup for Halloween