Halloween Makeup to Try With Your Friends: Vampire and Werewolf

Halloween Makeup to Try With Your Friends: Vampire and Werewolf


Today I am going to explain you in details about how to do vampire and werewolf makeup for this Halloween. Vampire and werewolf are really very popular now a day. There is lots of movie and series are available for vampire and werewolf. And they are always very popular among people in Halloween. It doesn’t matter that how much time has passed, but people always like to go for vampire and werewolf makeup.

So keep reading…

Vampire Makeup

Halloween Makeup to Try With Your Friends

Things you need for this look:

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Loos powder or compact powder
  • Copperplate eyes shadow
  • Medium dark contour shade
  • Black eye brow pencil
  • Eye brow gel
  • Peach Shade eye shadow
  • Bitten shade eye shadow
  • Black eye shadow
  • Black eyeliner
  • Eye lashes
  • Mascara
  • Black coal pencil
  • Flash palette used for oil paint makeup
  • Lip liner
  • Lipstick
  • Blood paste color
  • Red contact lens
  • Fangs

Create Base

Halloween Makeup to Try With Your Friends

Step 1: To start your makeup prime your skin because it will help you to smoothed your skin and protect it from these dark makeup.

Step 2: After priming your skin apply foundation. For this makeup use lightest foundation to make it look more real. Don’t use white face paint. If you have fair skin then go for natural shade or if you have deeper skin then go for few shades lighter. Apply it on your eyes because it will act as base for the eye shadow also.

Step 3: To set your under eye and foundation use loose powder or compact powder. It will set everything in place also give you matte look.

Now base of your makeup is ready. Now lets start with the makeup.


Halloween Makeup to Try With Your Friends

Step 1: Now apply contour with copperplate eyes shadow. Because you need something that is gray tone and make your cheeks look more sunken.

Step 2: First apply it to both the sides of your forehead to make it look more narrow. Now also put it under cheek bone to make your face look skeletal. Take the same shade on smaller brush and contour your nose and upper eyes area.

Step 3: Now take a medium dark contour shade to deepen up the area of the contour. Apply it to the hollow of your cheeks and also on the side of your forehead for perfect finish. It will help you to get more dimension and will also give you a define cheekbones.

Eye makeup

Halloween Makeup to Try With Your Friends

Step 1: Now for the brows use black shade. You can keep natural shape or thin shape. And fill it properly. Now take the same foundation you used before and use it to shape your brows. Next apply brows gel to set them in a place.

Step 2: Take shade peach smoothie eye shadow as a first transition shade. It will help you to make all the dark and dramatic colors to blend easily. If you don’y have this shade then use color similar to your skin tone to make everything blend more flawlessly.

Step 3: Now take makeup shade bitten because it is really nice reddish cranberry shade. And it is the star of the show because it will give you really bruised and bloody effect all around the eyes. Apply it to the crease and drag out towards the tail of your brow to extend the eyes upwards. Apply it in the inner corner to create bruised effect on the top lash line.

Step 4: Then take black eyeliner and apply it onto your lid and use it as a base for the black eye shadow. This will intensify the pigmentation of the black eye shadow.

Step 5: Now take take black eye shadow and pat it on the top of the eyes to get more pigment. With this step your eyeliner is going to set in place and it will not move all day. Mix this black shade into the partially red shade in the crease. To make sure take your previous brush and blend it well.

Step 6: Next pot on eye lashes. Then apply mascara to make your natural lashes to blend into false ones.

Step 7: Then again take that same bitten shade and apply all the way down onto your bottom lash line and smudge it down almost to your cheek. This will make your eyes really bruised and make it look almost sick like a vampire. Make sure to smudge and blend it well. It doesn’t have to look too neat because bruising isn’t always natural blended eye shadow.

Step 8: Then take black coal pencil and apply it into the waterline and take it on the bottom lash line as well. And smudge it properly to make sure that it looks nice, blended and smoky.

Step 9: Now take flash palette which people use for oil paint makeup. Take red and blue shade from your palette and mix it to get deep purple red shade. Then use very very small brush to create vain. Draw lines randomly then branch them off like tree. you can use picture if vain to make it easier. It will give you a horrible dead look.

Step 10: And then mix in some more blue to create more of a dark purple shade and create few vain. It will look more realistic having two shades of vain. Then blend out your bottom lash line more for smoky look and apply mascara to your bottom lash line.

Lips makeup

Halloween Makeup to Try With Your Friends

For lips chose a deep red lip because it will give you that vampy look. However, you can use any lip color you like. Red, purple or black shade will really round off this look and make it look vampy.

Step 1: Now use lip liner to line your lips. It will help you to get the perfect lip shape

Step 2: Then apply deep red lipstick. You can use two lip colors to make it look dark.

Bite mark

Halloween Makeup to Try With Your Friends

Step 1: To create little bite marks on the neck apply little bit of that bitten eye shadow in two circles and blend it on the neck.

Step 2: Then apply little bit of black into the center to give it a depth where the teeth were to sunk in, and then just blend out.

Step 3: Then take some blood paste and apply it in the center.

Step 4: You can apply it to the corner of the lips.

You can also use red contact lens and fangs to make it look more real. Use dark red or blood red nail paint to make it look more attractive.

Werewolf Makeup

Halloween Makeup to Try With Your Friends

Things you need for this look:

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Loose powder
  • Warm brown eye shadow
  • Dark matte brown eye shadow
  • Bronze cream shadow
  • Matte black eye shadow
  • Golden eye shadow
  • Black liquid liner
  • Smolder pencil
  • Brow gel
  • Chocolate brown brow pencil
  • Light foundation powder
  • Brown paint
  • Stone color lip liner
  • Brown matte Liquid Lipstick
  • Yellow contacts lens
  • Fangs

Create Base

Halloween Makeup to Try With Your Friends

Step 1: First of all prep your skin for the make up. For that start with primer, and apply it to all over your face to protect your skin.

Step 2: Then apply foundation and concealer to your skin and blend it out properly so you can get an even base for your makeup.

Step 3: Then Set them in place with loose powder or compact powder so your makeup will not move and you will get a long lasting makeup.

Eyes Makeup

Halloween Makeup to Try With Your Friends

Step 1: Take warm brown eye shadow apply it in the upper crease area and drag it out towards the temples. Then take darker matte brown shade and apply it in the crease and also drag out towards the temples but keep it right below where you put the first color.

Step 2: For the lid use bronze cream shadow because it is going to prevent the shadow from creasing. Next take flat brush and the same matte brown shadow that you used in crease and pack it on the lid. It will look dark and strong like werewolf. Now take that brush you used in crease and blend everything.

Step 3: For more deepen your eyes take matte black shadow and apply it in the outer “V” area and also apply in the crease with open eyes.

Step 4: Now for the inner corner of the eyes use golden shadow and apply it in the tear duct area and brought it down to the nose.

Step 5: Next take black liquid liner and apply it to your eyes. Then take smolder pencil and apply to the waterline but left tear duct area open. Draw a thick line to make your eyes look more dark. Then take the black shadow and extend that line down to open up the eyes.

Step 6: Then extend that black shadow from the inner corners of the eyes. Then take brown shadow that you used in crease with flat brush and smudge out to lower lash line area.

Brow and forehead

Step 1: First apply brow gel to your brows. Now take chocolate brown brow pencil and extend your brow up towards your temples. To create feather effect like real wolf brow hair extend your brush strokes upwards. Then take flat brush and concealer and cover your outer corner of brow hairs.

Step 2: Then take light foundation powder and apply in between the brows and down to the bridge of the nose and will look highlighted and widened.

Step 3: Now for the nose take the same dark matte brown shade and apply to bottom of your nose and also to the nostrils. Now take very little shade and drag it down to the sides of the nose.

Step 4: Next shade hairline with little bit of brown eye shadow because there you need to create fake fur. So shade the hairline and brought down in the center of the forehead.

Step 4: Now take brown eye shadow and contour your cheekbones and for that use very light amount of the product. Now take little bit more product and deepen the shading up on the forehead as well.

Step 5: To paint the fur take brown paint from face painting palette and tiny little angle brush. Then very very lightly start feathering those lines inward. Then take plum pencil and paint little hairs on center of hairline to forehead.

Step 6: Now with the same brown paint and a small little paintbrush, paint those hairs on the cheekbones as well.

Lips Makeup

Halloween Makeup to Try With Your Friends

For lips you can go with dark brown and black.

Step 1: Now for the lips take stone color lip liner and apply to the edges of your lips.

Step 2: Then take brown shade lipstick and fill in the lips.

You can also add yellow contacts lens and fake fangs to complete the look. It will really bring the whole look together.

At the end:

Apply every step properly and it will look amazing. Try it with your friends and you can make your own vampire clan and werewolf pack and impress everyone in the party. You can also try it with your best friend also.

Happy Halloween