How to Do Princess Jasmine Makeup For This Halloween

How to Do Princess Jasmine Makeup For This Halloween


In today’s article I am gonna explain you very easy, very glam Princess Jasmine make-up look just in time for Halloween. This is one of my favorite make-up looks to do, she is my favorite princess. If you are anything like me and if you are planning on being this Disney Princess for this Halloween season then here is a detailed explanation.

How to Do Princess Jasmine Makeup

Makeup you need:

  • Perfecter
  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Brown contour stick
  • Taupe nude stick
  • Translucent powder
  • Brow pencil
  • Brow powder
  • Turquoise eye shadow palette
  • Black eye pencil
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • lashes
  • Blusher
  • Highlighter
  • Nude shade lipstick

Face Makeup:

How to Do Princess Jasmine Makeup

Step 1: First thing you are going to do is apply perfecter on your skin and pat it all over your face to get rid of ant oil and shine.

Step 2: Then apply primer on your face because it will really grip your foundation and makes it last if you are planning on wearing makeup for Halloween party.

Step 3: Then take couple shade darker foundation and apply all over your face. For this makeup you need everything to look very sun kissed and very very tanned.

Step 4:Then use medium shade concealer and apply to your points of interest and blend out perfectly. Add some to the lids as well and to the frown lines and blend out everything.

Step 5:Then take brown contour stick and apply it to your nose and for that start the contour process straight from the brows and drag all the way down to nose. Then contour under your cheekbone, around the forehead and then blend it out properly.

Step 6: Then with taupe nude stick outline the wave shade to your eyes. This is going to be contour for your eyes. Also bring it down a notch and connect it with your nose contour. Then wish small brush buff out this lines.

Step 7: Then bake everything with translucent powder. With beauty blender apply it to your under eye, the negative space between the contour and my eye. Also apply to opposite side of nose contour and to center of your forehead. Then let it simmer on your face.

Eye Makeup:

How to Do Princess Jasmine Makeup

Step 1: Then its time for your brows. For this look make your brows thicker. So First outline your brows with brown shade pencil and then fill it in with the lighter brown brow pencil. Then brush it out to distribute the product evenly. Then fill in the inner portion of brow using upward strokes with lighter brow powder.

Step 2: For Jasmine eye makeup you need turquoise eye shadow palette. Before you start make sure that you have no concealer creases in your actual fold.

Step 3: Then take tan shade called Sahara and apply right along the groove that your created. Keep in mind that apply it in a wave shape so do in under the brow connecting with the nose contour, across the lid then flick it outwards.

Step 4: Then take slightly darker like brown shade and make deepen and darken the outer portion of eyes and also right under the brow, to groove.

Step 5: Next take smoke shade or gun metal shape and apply a little bit to outer V area that shape you created and smudge it. Then with small pencil brush smudge it inwards and outwards.

Step 6: Then ake shade Vibrant lagoona and stamp it to the center of your eyes. Then with previous brush blend out everything to make it more smooth and seamless and professional looking.

Step 7: Then take little shimmer darker blue shade and stamp it to the outer V with brush or with your finger. Then take purple blue and apply it to between that two shades.

Step 8: Then beating off all the translucent powder. Then take that brown shade and darken up right underneath the inner portion of the brows and reconnect it to the nose contour.

Step 9: Then take definer shade and highlight right underneath the brow arch. Then with flat brush blend that line so that doesn’t look harsh.

Step 10: Then with black pencil do your lower lash line and then with pencil brush softly smoke it out. Then again take that shimmer dark blue shade and smudge out that black liner underneath your lower lash line. Also extend it a little bit in the outer corner to connect with the future wing.

Step 11: Then take black pencil and tight line your entire waterline. Then apply mascara on the top and bottom lashes. Also add some gold shade to your tear duct, to give it some shine also add some glitter.

Step 12: Then with black liquid liner draw a line straight across and then wing it out. Also make little Arabian nuance in the inner corner liner. For that make tiny little triangle and connect the top liner to your lower lash line. Then put on your long and curvy lashes. Then apply little bit blue glitter on your blue eye lids.

Finishing Look:

How to Do Princess Jasmine Makeup

Step 1: Then take peachy blush and stamp it to the apples of your cheeks. Then take shimmer golden highlighter and apply to the outer portion of the cheekbone, Also add a little bit of shine on the forehead and on the nose. Then take Illuminate highlighter shade and swerve right on the top and to the cupid’s bow.

Step 2: Then take liquid highlighter and apply it to your shoulders, to collar bone to make your skin wet looking. Then with same shade powder highlighter and big fluffy brush go over it again. Also apply to all your visible skin. At the end apply nude shade liner and lipstick.

At the End:

All you have to do is buy Princess jasmine costume and hair wig with blue ribbon. Also wear matching earring and necklace and you will have your complete Disney Princess Jasmine Look for the Halloween party.