How to Do Tiger Makeup For Halloween 2022

How to Do Tiger Makeup For Halloween 2022


Out next Halloween look is Tiger look makeup. Animal makeup is all time popular makeup for Halloween. If you want to do something simple but cute then you should definitely try this makeup. Main benefit for this look is you don’t need lot’s of makeup material. You can do it with very few products and it is easy to recreate.

Things required:

  • White face paint
  • White eye shadow
  • orange face paint
  • orange eye shadow
  • Black gel eyeliner
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Black eye shadow
  • Black glitter liquid eye shadow
  • Black liquid lipstick
  • Black mascara
  • Fake lashes

Step by step guide

How to Do Tiger Makeup

Step: 1

Starting with the white areas of the tiger and for that use white cream face paint and apply to around the eyes, mouth and on the side of the face. Make sure that it is no creasing at any part. Then cover this white space with white eye shadow so it doesn’t move.

Step: 2

Then Take orange face paint and and paint on all over your face but to the spots that are not white. And merge the border properly so it can look like an even skin. Then with bigger brush apply orange color down to your neck and also paint your ears. After it dries set it with orange eye shadow o it will look nice.

Step: 3

Make your eyebrow like a black tiger stripes and for that use black gel eye liner and black liner. Then paint your brows black. Then with gel liner make it more hairy and fluffy by making straight up little strokes.

How to Do Tiger Makeup

Step: 4

Then draw some vertical stripes in the center of your forehead. Then draw horizontal stripes on all over your face and neck. White it is still wet then using a smaller brush give a little bit of a fur texture and drag it down in little strokes.

Step: 5

Then with the same black gel liner make tiger nose to the underside of your nose a make little heart shape. Then draw a little line from your nose to the top of your lip. Also put on some black dots in the white area above your top lip. Then apply black liquid lipstick on your lips.

Step: 6

For the eyes draw a cat eye. With black eye liner draw a cat liner with long wing and draw this from right into your crease and fill in the whole space with black.

How to Do Tiger Makeup

Step: 7

Elongate your inner corner a little bit and apply to all over your lower lash line and waterline too. Then set this black liner with black matte eye shadow. Blend black shadow through your crease and smudge it. Then take glitter black liquid eye shadow and apply it to on your eyelid And blend it out with brush.

Step: 8

For the last step curl your lashes and apply mascara. Then put on thick fake lashes.


To finish the look put on small cute orange tiger ears. And for the costume you can paint black stripes using acrylic paint on a orange shirt and wear black leggings. You can also go with a pair makeup like “Princess Jasmine and Her Tiger Rajah”. You can find a beautiful princess jasmine makeup for your partner.