Front Door Decoration Ideas to Make Your House Look Scary

Front Door Decoration Ideas to Make Your House Look Scary


Halloween decoration is the most important because it always take more time and you need to do something unique for every Halloween. You have to focus on indoor decoration, outdoor decoration as well as your makeup and costume. Front door decoration is also very important for Halloween because if anyone enters in your house first thing they are going to see after your yard decoration is front door. So here I am going to tell you about creepy front door decoration idea that you should try for this Halloween.

1. Coffin Entrance Door

If you want to do something unique for this Halloween then coffin door decoration is the best option for you. Put a big coffin at the entrance of your door and also focus around it Like you can put skulls at the both side of the coffin.

2. Spooky Entrance

Add some red and blue light at your front door and to make it more scary put some webs at the door. Also add a hanging bat a the door and a fake scary had on one side of the door. It will give you a really scary effect at night. you can also play a scary music at the door to make it more realistic.

3. Spiderweb Door

Spiderweb will always be the trendy decoration for the Halloween. Put few big webs and big spiders at front door with some dry leaf and make it look like your home has been closed for many years and there are ghosts in the house. Also add more small spiders to the web.

4. Zombie Door

This is really nice idea that you should try for this Halloween. For this use your old dirty cloths and hand it with cardboard or brown tape. Also write “Keep Out” at the door. Also make it’s scary face and hands to get the complete look.

5. Witch Offering Apple

For this decoration you can buy it online or you can also made it by your self. Also add green apple like that wicked witch who gave poisoned apple to the snow white. You guest have to knock the door through this witch hands so it will be more scary for them.

6. Witch on the Door

Make you door look like there is a scary witch is living in side and also doing her black magic. You can make a witch with cloths and hang it on the door or buy it online. Also add her potion brew and mouse and cat around it. You can make mouse and cat with black craft paper. And few broom will give the whole effect to the decoration. It looks hard but it is so easy to make it.

7. The Nun Door

For this decor you can buy the wallpaper of the nun from the market. You can pain it but for that you have be very good painter. But the easiest way is buy a wallpaper and stick it on your door. You can also do makeup like nun for more scary look. It will surely drag attention of your guest.

8. Hanging Skeleton on the Door

There lots of fake plastic skeleton is available in the market. Hang one skeleton on the door and also add more scary decor around your door for more realistic effect. You can add skull, pumpkins with light, crows and spiderwebs around it. It is good option for night decoration because at the night it will more spooky.

9. Ghost Trapped in House

This is the best idea that you should try. You can buy this stickers online or you can also make it with red paint. Write “Help” with red paint and also make those hands with it. Also add pumpkins, bats and spiders to make it look more scary. You can paint this randomly on the door.

10. Scary Mummy Door

For this all you need is white linen cloth and stick it on the door like it is wrapped around the mummy. Also leave some space for the eyes at the top. You can make this eyes with black and yellow paper. If you Don’t have linen cloth then you can also use white tap or paper to make the strips.

11. Skull Hanger Sign:

You can use this Skull hanging sign on your door if you want keep it simple but scary. But to make it look more batter add some pumpkins and spider webs for more Halloween effect.

12. Zombie Vampire Banner:

Get this creepy door banner to make you door more scary and it will work best for the night decor. If you get this banner you will not need more things to decorate your front door.

13. Bloody Devil Hand Banner:

This banner is co cool that you can use it for front door to scare everyone and this kn be also used in your bathroom door also. And if you want to make it more creepy then you also make more bloody hand print with red paint. Sp Get this banner from here for creepy decoration.

14. Joker Clown Banner:

This Joker Banner is perfect for “Joker” lovers and will be more prefect if you like to go with Joker makeup and costume.

15. Monster Face Decor:

This monster face banner is very easy to place together for your decoration. It has two eyes and face which you can place anywhere you like.


This spooky ideas are always trendy for the Halloween. You can but material from online store or you can make it buy your self, it totally depends on you. Add any creepy things you want because it’s Halloween and you can do anything you want for the decoration.  Make it as scary as you want.