Monster Hunter Rise – Complete List of Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise – Complete List of Monsters

A saga like Monster Hunter had to be characterized by having something that serves as a badge. Something that is a symbol and allows its players to identify their titles at any time. My lack of knowledge of English prevents me from knowing the literal translation of the title, but if something is clear to me is that Monster Hunter and Monsters go hand in hand, being so, Monster Hunter Rise, the new title for Nintendo Switch and PC has more than about thirty of these creatures available.

It should be noted that these Monsters, from the outset, can be divided into two categories depending on whether they are new, having their debut in Monster Hunter Rise, or whether, on the contrary, they are known creatures from previous generations. Outside of that is the classification according to the type of Wyvern, if it is a Leviathan, a Beast, among others, but that is a separate issue.

Be that as it may, on this page, you will have a list of all the big Monsters of Monster Hunter Rise, in such a way that by clicking on the links of their names, you will access their corresponding pages of this guide, being able to know many details about them. Without further ado, you have below this list of Monsters from Monster Hunter Rise :

New Monsters

Returning Monsters: